• Deutsche Trüffel orchard

    Cultivate your own truffles

    Deutsche Trüffelbäume is a tree nursery based in southern Germany specialized in the production of perfectly adapted trees for truffle cultivation. Successfully practiced worldwide for 40 years now, truffle cultivation is also possible at your site - with plants from Deutsche Trüffelbäume.

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    Your truffle venture - reach for the sky

    It is our vision to enable you to develop a valuable and sustainable line of commerce by successful cultivation of a precious natural product – the truffle.


Perfekt Adaption

  • We produce truffle plants for your individual requirements and use exclusively certified high quality seed material.
  • For a perfect adaption to your site conditions we offer custom-made plants with truffles from your region (only for larger plantation
  • For every region, certain truffle strains have evolved that are perfectly adapted and therefore reach the best harvests.
  • That is why plants for truffle cultivation in your region should be produced from local seeds and should be inoculated with truffles from this origin.

Scientifically Proven

  • Since 2007 we are doing research on all aspects of truffle cultivation to optimize our plant production and your success. We pass this knowledge on to you.
  • We are continuously involved in several research projects, publish scientific articles and have the first Ph.D. in truffle cultivation in our company.
  • The scientific work is carried out in cooperation with the University of Freiburg and the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL.
  • We use all that knowledge for the production and management of the plants for your truffle cultivation venture.

Full Service

  • We offer you all the service for your truffle plantation. For free.
  • Together with you we develop plantation concepts tailored for your needs.
  • We take care about the timely shipping of your plants.
  • From plantation preparation to planting, and until harvest � we are happy to provide advice.

Optimal Colonization

  • The production of truffle plants is focused on the colonization of the truffle mushroom in the fine root system of your plants.
  • Through special production techniques we avoid contamination with other fungi than the truffle.
  • An optimal truffle colonization is the key for successful harvests and the best start for your plantation

German Quality

  • The quality of the plants is our highest priority. That means our focus is on a well-adapted and healthy plant with the best-possible truffle colonization.
  • We use only quality raw materials from Germany support our local producers.
  • All our plants go through a thorough quality control before selling.

Ecologically Sustainable Production

  • We support our local community and produce environmentally friendly
  • We do not use harmful chemicals during our production.
  • Through an entire in-house production we have control over all production steps � from seeds to the truffle tree.
  • The raw materials for our substrates come from regional sustainable sources.
  • Our work is carried out in cooperation with German environmental protection agency
  • Together with you, we support a new and sustainable form of agriculture, using only local tree and fungal species and take responsibility for our environment.